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The Real Estate LUT pack has arrived! 

If you film Real Estate videos and want a fast way to make your edits look great, this is for you.


The biggest problem editors run into with real estate videos is the yellow tint on walls and ceilings. This is caused by multiple light sources coming into the room. When light from the window is casting natural light, and light from the fixtures is casting a warm light, it’s nearly impossible to achieve an evenly colored room.


You can remedy the “blue” light from the windows by setting your white balance to 5200K, but this causes your room to appear extremely yellow. On the other hand you can white balance for the yellow-colored light fixtures and then your windows will appear blue, and any items in the shot will be desaturated and blue.

When you have the option to bring in your own lighting the fix is pretty easy. But for most real estate shoots, speed is the key.


This means you don’t have the option to light every room while filming. 


This means you are either stuck with blue windows and casting in your room, or nasty yellow walls and ceiling.


Rather than spend hours color-correcting each shot you film, try using our LUTs for a quick and effective fix to either of these issues.


We have multiple “yellow out” options that remove the nasty yellow tint to walls and ceilings without affecting skin tones. This way if you have a Real Estate agent or other person in the shot, it doesn’t make their skin tones look wrong.


You can drag and drop these LUTs onto your footage and instantly achieve a clean, white look to your walls and ceilings. 


If you have any blue windows or casting, simply drag and drop one of our “blue light out” LUTs onto your footage to remove the blue light from the window.


The LUTs in our Real Estate LUT pack can be stacked together to create a custom effect. By dropping multiple “yellow out” and “blue out” LUTs onto your footage, you can custom build the look and intensity you need for your shots.

If any of the LUTs are too strong, simply drop the intensity. I have found that by adding different “yellow out” LUTs at an intensity of 40%-60%, I can create a custom look that is perfect for my shots. 


Many LUT packs are extremely stylized. They are either “Teal/Orange” LUTs or something that adds a lot of character or specific styles to the shots. 


This rarely works with Real Estate. 


Our goal usually is to achieve the most natural, bright, and clean looking shots.


This is why I created the Real Estate LUT pack


It makes editing videos easy, fast, and it looks great. 

When I’m filming a real estate video, I often have to make quick decisions on how to white balance the camera for the room I’m in. It is tempting to white balance the walls and ceiling, but this will often give the rest of the room a “blue” look.


My new go-to, is to white balance the room somewhere between the natural light and the light fixtures- but leaning towards a more “warm” white balance. This typically gives the items in the room a lot of color and warmth.


The issue is, the walls and ceiling become yellow.


But this is such an easy fix now that I have this Real Estate LUT pack


I drag and drop one (or a few) “yellow out” LUT(s) onto my footage and the walls and ceiling look perfect. 

Each location and the lighting in the room is different, so there will need to be minor adjustments to each shot. This is why I have multiple options of “yellow out” LUTs to choose from. 


Each camera is different also, so these LUTs are designed to be placed on “normalized” footage. This means if you leave your RAW or LOG clips un-normalized, the LUTs won’t help much.


You first need to add saturation and contrast to get your clips “normalized”. If you are unsure of how to do this to your clips, watch this video - 

Normalizing Raw Footage (from BMPCC4K) in DaVinci Resolve


Once your clips are normalized, simply drag and drop the LUTs onto your video to instantly achieve clean and bright clips.


I also have a few “style” LUTs in the Real Estate LUT pack. These include “brightening” LUTs, “white crushed” and “fade” LUTs. These will give you some options to stylize your clips. 


As always, if the effect  is too much, simply lower the intensity. I find that when using the White Crush LUT, I usually use it around 20% intensity. This adds a little flair without being too intense. 

Don’t settle for LUT packs that claim to be for Real Estate, but are just stylized LUTs that add no real value to your shoots.


Our Real Estate LUT pack is designed to give you clean, bright, natural looking shots that are perfect for filming homes.


Real Estate agents and home sellers will love the way you make their homes look using our Real Estate LUT pack


These are the best LUTs for Real Estate - period. 


Color correcting Real Estate footage has never been easier. 


Click here to buy our Real Estate LUT pack today!

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