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Facetime/Phone Call

We like to speak with you either on Facetime or a phone call. This will come close enough to the wedding that all the details have been put together. This call or meeting will be to discuss itinerary and to talk about any special details that need to be highlighted. We will also discuss song selection.

Cinematic Highlight Video

This is the main feature. A modern, cinematic highlight video will be created that tells the story of the entire day. It usually is 5 minutes in length, but that will vary slightly. The video will be provided in a downloadable link, and may be posted and shared wherever you'd like.

Full Ceremony Video

This would be an uncut video of the ceremony (usually 15-25 minutes). This will show the entire ceremony start to finish. It usually will have audio from the DJ or mic'd directly to the officiant. But occasionally due to the location of the wedding, the audio will be directly from the camera itself. These details can be discussed in the meeting.

All-day coverage

This begins a few hours before the ceremony, giving us enough time to get the detail shots of the decorations, and even drone footage if the location calls for it. This gives us time to be ready when the bride is in the latter parts of getting ready, post-makeup and hair. The day usually ends at the "send off" of the bride and groom. The whole day is normally between 8-10 hours.
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